What We Do

100 Good Women is our name, but what we are is a community.  This community around the Lawrence area helps when there is a need that slips through the cracks.  How?  There are many ways 100 GW helps. Social workers or case workers contact us regarding specific needs, which may be new housing for someone who has left the shelter and is getting a home but needs stuff.  The stuff we never think of.  Shower curtain, trash can, microwave, bath towels, and more.  Maybe they know of a family who is in need of assistance during a rough time.  We will check our stash of gift cards and do our best to give them some relief.  Maybe it is Christmas and we have families in need.  We adopt several families and give the community many ways to help make their holidays happy and bright.  The list goes on.  

We are the fillers, the ones who rely on each other to help each other when there aren't other resources.

We are 500 members strong!  When we get a request, members receive a notification email that something has been requested.  No pressure.  No expectation.  But if the member has what is needed?  Fantastic.  Just let us know.  It truly is this simple. 

Our goal is to say yes.  Yes to gift cards, rides, shoes, household goods, gas cards, grocery cards. With each person that donates, that yes is more and more likely.

For example

Clara has three young boys and has escaped an abusive relationship.  She couldn't provide Christmas for her children.  With the help from our community, her boys were able to open presents on Christmas morning. We have you to thank.

A Lawrence family was homeless and finally able to get a home!  They didn't have beds or bedding, they didn't have sheets and pillows and silverware.  We put the request out and you came through.  They now have sheets, pillowcases and beds to sleep on, as well as the supplies that make their home their home.  

A call came in from a woman who didn't have rides to chemo.  The services in town were booked, but we put out the request and you came through.  This isn't an every-day-kind-of-request.  This is life saving and life affirming.

Please visit our Current Needs to see how you can help.

Contact us!

  • Have a request to make to our members?  Submit it to the board. They'll consider it and let you know if it works for our group.
  • Want to join us? Read more on the membership form page.

Want to know more?

Check out our FAQ, or send us a message. We look forward to hearing from you.