Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get involved?

Use our online form to have your name put on the e-mail or phone tree list.

How much commitment is required?

As little or as much as you can do. We recognize that all of us are busy. If you receive a phone call or e-mail asking you to volunteer or donate, and you can't do it, that's fine. This is volunteerism without guilt that embraces right action and accountability. This also means that you'll honor any commitments you make to volunteer your time, action or goods and services.

How much does it cost to join?

To cover postage and other expenses, we ask for a voluntary annual donation of $10 or more. Notice the word 'voluntary'—We welcome all members regardless of their ability to pay. 

You can pay dues at any 100 Good Women event, or you can use PayPal on our membership/renewal page.

How often does One Hundred Good Women meet?

We have an annual Clothing Exchange and an annual Book Exchange. We also infrequently have gatherings which may include a potluck or chocolate and a short meeting.

If you meet so infrequently, how do you get anything done?

One Hundred Good Women is a grassroots organization. Our principal method of communication and call to action is through a phone tree, or even more effective, an e-mail tree. When there's a need for us to respond to, we activate the trees and our members respond to requests. Requests can be for things like twin bed sheets for the Lawrence Community Shelter, or gas cards for people needing transportation to and from work or doctor's appointments, or furniture for recently homeless families, and so on.

Is it only for women?

There are no restrictions on membership to One Hundred Good Women. All women and men are welcome to participate.

What is considered an appropriate project?
We try to respond quickly to immediate needs in the community. Our projects are non-profit, non-political, and short-term. They tend to benefit individuals or small groups. We also try not to overlap with existing social service institutions, by responding to situations that may otherwise "fall through the cracks."
What is Women Speak?

Women Speak is another type of service sponsored by One Hundred Good Women. Women Speak is a diverse avenue for providing information, ideas, and themes surrounding women through speakers, forums, seminars, etc. Events have included

  • Presentations from author Harriet Lerner
  • Hope and Healing, an event memorializing the 1st anniversary of September 11
  • Performances of The Vagina Monologues by Eve Ensler, directed and produced by our members.

Visit the Women Speak page to find out more about the Women Speak Series.

What kind of services does One Hundred Good Women provide?

We provide:

  • Household goods donated by our members
  • Other services donated by our members depending on need
  • Emergency help with food and gas in the form of gift cards

We do NOT provide money, payment of rent or utility bills, housing, or jobs.

Some examples of past projects include:

  • Installing baseboards for a woman so she could qualify as a foster parent 
  • Providing child care and transportation for a woman whose husband was in the hospital in Kansas City
  • Participating in 2 women’s build projects for Habitat for Humanity
  • Providing clothing and other items for various organizations such as WTCS, Florence Crittenton Services, etc.
Who runs One Hundred Good Women?

The board of directors keeps us on track in accordance with our mission. When a situation arises where we could help, the board decides if it's appropriate.  They manage the annual events (book, clothing, and accessory exchanges, annual meeting), Community Basics Collections, and other events or situations as they arise.

Board members are 

  • Kris Barlow
  • Adrienne Boyd-Akers
  • Marilou Cavin
  • Yvonne Channel
  • Melissa Dimoush
  • Karen Johnson
  • Diane McMillen
  • Maggie Norman
  • Louise Pennewell
  • Sarah Stalker
  • Rita Stucky
  • Jennifer Tucker